Cosmetic Surgeries List:

Game Features

Fun for All Ages

Objective:Create a character and strive to achieve the highest desirability ranking over all other players in the game. Only one male and one female character can achieve the 100% desirability ranking at any given time.

Game Summary: Set up a user account. Login. Select a character (choices are based on user profile information), but make enhancements later. Start by creating an Ideal Partner. Make as many Physical Changes and Product selections as desired. Players can Name your Ideal Partner, or choose to wipe the slate clean and start over by clicking NEW “IDEAL” PARTNER. Ideal Partner selections will be calculated with all other players to determine what is most desired. Once you feel good about your selections, return to the Home screen to begin with your character improvements. Select My Character. Each player is issued 5,000 Doctored Dollars to get started. Use Doctored Dollars to make purchases to improve your character with Physical Changes and Products. You can purchase more Doctored Dollars from My Account or play Trivia and earn Doctored Dollars with correct answers. Start where you want. Players can preview a physical change or product before making a purchase. When you make a product purchase, you can wear it right away or add to My Closet for later. When you make a physical change purchase, all virtual surgeries will include downtime by displaying your character with bandages on the affected area for a couple of days.

Get your friends involved by sending them a Friend Request from the My Friends menu option. You can keep up with their desirability ranking and character creations. The game is a constant battle for achieving the highest desirability ranking based on the most desired preferences in an Ideal Partner. This will evolve with each new player and every character change.

How to Play: Each player will work to continuously improve their character, ultimately striving to achieve the highest desirability ranking. There are billions of character combinations and the most desired preferences are constantly changing. The game never ends because what is Most Desired is always changing; beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone’s taste continues to evolve.

Home Menu Options:

Help: Each screen will have a Help button to help you understand what you can do within the screen and where to go next. Once you leave the Home screen, you can easily get back by selecting the Home button.

Log Out: Logout of the game. You can create a new user or simply log back into the game with your existing user credentials.

My Character: Create, view and change your character. See what’s in My Closet and Re-Calculate your Rank to see your current ranking. You can also Start Over from this screen.

Ideal Partner: Create, view and change your Ideal Partner. You can give your Ideal Partner a name and modify or create a New Ideal Partner as often as you would like.

Desirability Ranking: Tap this Menu option to see your current ranking. The recalculation is real-time and reflects just how Desirable your character has become.

Trivia: Play trivia to earn Doctored Dollars. Make category and level of difficulty choices. Play as long as you desire and as often as you want. The harder the level of difficulty the more Doctored Dollars earned.

My Account: View and edit your user information. Also purchase and view a Recap of your Doctored Dollars. View your desirability ranking.

My Friends: Build our friend pool. Send and accept friend requests. Preview your Friends Characters and Rankings. Don’t forget to frequently check your “Friend Requests” option within the Friends screen. Here you can decide to accept a friend request or leave them hangin’.

To watch the video on how to play, click on this link: View Video