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Doctors Only

Why become a member of the Doctored, Inc. website?

First and foremost, 50% of every dollar received through doctor memberships and website advertising revenue as well as 50% of all revenue generated from the mobile apps DoctoredApp and DoctoredFree, will go back to support the plastic surgery industry by providing financial assistance to those prospective patients in need. Doctored, Inc. will rely on member surgeons, select charities among other resources to help identify recipients that meet Company criteria. Of the dedicated gross revenue, absolutely none of the proceeds will go towards Company overhead. Every dollar will go directly to support patient needs. By choice, Doctored, Inc. will be independently audited every year so members have confidence that the Company remains true to its 50% policies. The annual audit opinion will be posted within the Doctors Only portal once completed.

For only $250 year, you will have easy access to every Experience posted by your patients and have the option of adding a “Doctors Comment” to each post. Your comments will remain with the patients post and will be visible by all prospective patients. You will also be able to quickly identify inappropriate posts and notify Doctored, Inc. with a request to investigate.

For all members, the Doctored, Inc. website will display the surgeons physical location(s), contact information and a direct link to a company website, if available, making it very convenient for prospective patients. In addition, each member will have the option of posting a select number of their own photos of staff or surgical results with the ability to swap photos as desired as well as post periodic promotions.

Doctored, Inc. will work with all plastic surgery organizations to offer the best product for the industry and as these relationships grow, more information will be provided through the member portal to support the Doctored, Inc. members.

“Doctors Only” portal - Coming soon