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Doctored the Game

Are you desirable to others? If you want to prove it to the world, play Doctored. Compete with friends, and players from all over, to strive for the highest Desirability Ranking based on others preferences in an ideal partner. Choose from hundreds of physical features, fashion and accessory options for your Character, and see how your selections rank. With billions of character combinations to set you apart and keep you enthused, Doctored is entertaining for all ages. Earn Doctored Dollars through trivia challenge or purchase them directly to give your character an advantage with virtual surgeries and exclusive fashion choices. Be original and stand out in the Doctored arena.

  • Socialize and Compete against your Network of Friends
  • Billions of Character Appearance Combinations
  • Character Personalization
  • Purchasing Power with Doctored Dollars
  • Thousands of Trivia Questions to earn Doctored Dollars
  • Recalculate your Desirability Ranking (each time you make a change to your character)
  • Vie for the Highest Desirability Ranking and Earn Bragging Rights for Life

Go to Game Features for additional details and features on how to play Doctored.

To watch the video on how to play, click on this link: View Video