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Doctored, Inc. is a company focused on change, growth and improvement with an emphasis on one aspect of change, physical appearance.


Doctored, Inc. is committed to supporting change and personal improvement through plastic surgery by providing a platform where former and prospective patients of plastic surgery, and the surgeons themselves, can exchange valuable information with the intent of aiding all parties. As a company policy, Doctored Inc. will give back 50% of membership fees and website gross revenue as well as 50% of gross revenue from the mobile apps DoctoredApp and DoctoredFree to support the plastic surgery industry by providing financial assistance to those in need of surgical repair not covered by their respective insurance plans. The proceeds will go to charities that support prospective patients that seek improved appearance due to birth defects and/or disfiguring accidents or diseases. Doctored, Inc. will look to the member surgeon network, select charities as well as other resources, to help find the recipients that meet the Company’s criteria.

The System

Why an Experience website dedicated to individuals in need of correction surgery? Information is critical to making the most informed decision no matter the subject. Allowing prospective patients the ability to search for a surgeon based on a specific procedure offers the best information to the patient. Allowing former patients of plastic surgery the ability to share their Experience with a surgeon by procedure offers the best targeted information to the surgeon.

Former and prospective patients will have a free, user-friendly resource to share their experiences and to enhance their research capabilities to aid in the decision making process.

Through a membership program, surgeons will be able to login to the website, enter the “Doctors Only “ portal and see their patient posted Experiences with the option of adding a comment to each post that will be readable by any prospective patient searching the website. The membership will also allow surgeons to post their contact information, address, promotions, photos, and a link to their company website, if available. Doctored, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the industry and will continually seek guidance and suggestions from the surgeons to improve the Experience system to best meet their needs and the needs of their patients. Doctored, Inc. is committed to honest and informative posts that provide useful information for surgeons and patients. Doctored, Inc. will accomplish this by working with surgeons to identify inappropriate posts and will make every effort to contact the posting party. If no response is offered, an inappropriate post will be removed from the website.

Doctored the Game

The Apple mobile app game, DoctoredApp and DoctoredFree, looks at one aspect of change – physical appearance. What’s desirable is a matter of personal preference and taste. With billions of physical appearance and apparel combinations, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The game offers thousands of trivia questions to earn “Doctored Dollars” needed to make physical changes and to add clothing and accessories. This website allows “Doctored” game users, and non-users, the same trivia experience and ability to earn “Doctored Dollars” that can be used within the mobile app (go to the Home page and select the “Trivia” option). Connect with friends to see where they rank and what you need to do to keep pace. The ultimate goal, achieve the 100% Desirability Ranking and do your best to hold onto it! 50% of all revenue from the mobile apps DoctoredApp and DoctoredFree will go directly to charities that support the plastic surgery industry by helping those in need of financial assistance.

You can find the Doctored mobile game by going to the Apple App Store and searching for DoctoredApp or DoctoredFree, or you can click on the “App Store” link in the bottom right corner of the screen.

About the President

Gene Coots started his career as a private accountant in the financial industry in 1995. In 1998 he became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of Illinois and continued practicing accounting in the financial industry. After 15 years in private accounting, Gene remained in the financial industry but as a manager of a fixed income portfolio currently managing over $2 billion in assets.

Gene is a former patient of plastic surgery to correct cartilage underdevelopment. This led to multiple surgeries and also led to Gene’s goal of creating a resource for all former and prospective patients of plastic surgery, and the surgeon’s, to come together and share their experiences and comments through a system designed to support all parties.

In Gene’s search for the right surgeon to suit his particular situation, there was little available to guide him down a desired narrow path. Most information websites group all procedures performed by a single surgeon into one bucket making it difficult to navigate and gain confidence in making an informed decision. Gene created Doctored, Inc. to improve the selection process and bring the doctors closer to the patients.

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